Planning a Business Tour

planning a business tour

Southwest Airlines is a famous American Airline. It is a favorite of many business travelers since it offers some of the lowest rates in the industry. The company commenced its operations in 1971. It is an excellent option for all business travelers who want to ply this destination.

When traveling, it is essential to note that the Southwest operates across 14 international destinations. For all business conferences, you are free to choose the most convenient means to get there. The destinations covered by the Southwest Airlines include Aruba, Havana in Cuba, Belize City, Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos in Mexico, Grand Cayman, Cancun in Mexico, Liberia in Costa Rica, Nassau in Bahamas, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Mexico City, San Jose in Costa Rica, Montego Bay in Jamaica, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and Turks and Caicos.

Multiple Cities

The company’s operating bases are scattered across several US cities including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver, Baltimore, Dallas-Love, Chicago-Midway, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, Houston-Hobby, and Phoenix-Sky Harbor. The Airline has a fleet size of 753 planes, which traverse more than 101 destinations.

As a regular business traveler, when you use the Southwest Airlines, you will discover that it focuses on specific routes and cities including Austin, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Sacramento, Nashville, San Jose, Tampa and St. Louis. For any of your business travels, you will enjoy using the Southwest. Currently, the Southwest operates independently; it has no partnerships with other airlines.

Using the Southwest, if you want to enjoy the highest number of locations served with unlimited flights traversing 13 different cities, you can use Cancun. These convenient flights usually depart from multiple locations including: Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Baltimore, Nashville, Chicago, Columbus, St Louis, Indianapolis, Houston, Denver, Austin, San Antonio, and Los Angeles. You can always be confident in the quality of service offered to passengers flying the Southwest. There are good reasons.

The Southwest Airline permits, for every customer, 2 free checked bags. In case you have last minute adjustments in your itinerary, the airline will not charge you a change- fee. The Southwest may be described as a sweetheart on all matters to do with business travel. Even if, for some reasons, your business team or agent cancelled a flight, the Airline will still reward you with a ticket for refund travel based on the amount spent on the earlier ticket. Remarkably, passengers who are late by up to 10 minutes still pay the same charge as the original, without a change, for a flight.

Free Wi-Fi, Drinks

Moreover, flying the Southwest, all passengers are offered free-inflight drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. This will certainly soothe your business satisfaction and overall experience along the way. Additionally, passengers are given free snacks anytime they wish. Those who take alcoholic beverages can get these at a charge of only $5-7 for a round of beverage.

Beware though: It may not be appropriate for a smart business traveler to take much alcohol ahead of a presentation or business meeting. This can result in undesirable situations like failure in delivery or poor performance during a presentation.

You will enjoy another valuable product using the Southwest Airlines. This is the freely available Group program access. With this, you don’t need to worry about travelling together in groups while attending business conferences. As long as you fly the Southwest Airlines, even if you are on a business trip of 10 or more, this program provides you with extra flexibility. Moreover, you get a discounted airfare, thus reducing the overall travel costs. Ultimately, all this results in enhanced convenience, happiness and joy while flying this airline. The Southwest has cheaper tickets for all types of business persons.

When flying the Southwest Airlines, you get the best experience that a passenger can expect. Thousands of passengers who have used the flight regularly have a returned a favorable verdict on the level of satisfaction they got while using these services. The number of complaints from users are few and limited. This is according to the respected American Department of Transportation. You can enjoy many corporate conveniences while using this airline. Why? The southwest Airlines offers passengers free live TV streaming, a stable WiFi connection, and a free iHeartRadio music with soothing melodies and soul-healing tunes.

The keyword while traveling the Southwest Airlines can well be summed in one word: quality. Indeed, the Southwest Airlines gives unrivalled quality to all passengers. You also get full time customer support. The cabin crew is exceptionally friendly. Further, the passengers always enjoy a baffling array of amenities that is unique to this airline. This facilitates the most memorable business travel for all passengers.