iPhone do not disturb feature

iPhone business travel professional

If you forget to switch your phone to silent while you rest, specially when you are weary after a 24-hour flight, can disrupt a good night's sleep. This is more dramatic when you cross time zones and your destination's nighttime is midday at your home city. Therefore, you might receive calls or messages while you are trying to have a good night sleep after those tiring long flights. Interrupting your sleep patterns, particularly when you are struggling and dealing with jet lag may hinder your productivity during your business trip.

Therefore, for iPhone users, it is important to become familiar with an automatic feature named do not disturb which can save you from waking up in the middle of the night because of a call.

Once you enable this feature, it silences your phone during the hours you specify, while still allowing calls through from VIPs like your partner or employer.

You can find this feature underneath the control centre in the iPhone's Settings app and once you open it, you need to tap on schedule to set your permanent sleeping hours. After that you can set your limits on who can reach you during that time.

If you click on favorites you can pick your preferred contacts including your partner and boss who are most likely to know where you are and what time it is in your destination so wouldn't wake you up in the middle of the night unless it was urgent. Meanwhile, you can silence calls from other contacts.

You can chose those favorites via the iPhone's separate Contacts app by calling up their contact card, hitting add to favorites, selecting the correct phone number and you've completed that task.

You can always change your favorites by opening contacts, clicking the favorites icon at the bottom left and clicking edit at the top.

In contrast, you can use the everyone option if you are contacted from private or varying number and need those, as it silences other beeps such as for emails and text messages yet still need allowing your phone to ring.

For those choosing favorites or no one, your phone can also be set to ring if the same person tries to call twice within three minutes. However, you should this feature with cause as it often results in callers who hang up and dial again.

If you are expecting an important call, you can disable do not disturb on a one-off basis by swiping up on your phone to reveal the Control Centre, and then you can click on the moon icon. This feature makes your phone temporarily ring, beep or vibrate as usual when somebody calls you, texts you or other notifications come through; however, your phone automatically returns to your usual quite schedule the following day.

As the do not disturb feature relies on your phone's local time, you won't need to adjust your settings when traveling overseas or even interstate. Your phone will adapt to your regular schedule according to your destination's time.

Just make sure that your phone is set to identify where you are by browsing to Settings, then click General, then hit Date and Time and choose set automatically so your iPhone's time will automatically change when you cross between time zones, and you won't have to flick your phone to silent overnight.

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