How to Pack for Business Trips

How to Pack for Business Trips

Business travelers are notorious for being dressed impeccably for short national trips or to international business meetings, strolling across the airport with just a carry-on luggage for business travel and a laptop bag.

If you are a business professional who needs to travel for work due to a conference or a business meeting, you know that your luggage should store a range of elegant and stylish clothing such as the right suit, tie, dress, shoes, suitcase or bag, perfume or cologne, hygiene products, yet it must be straight to the point and efficient as it should all fit in your hand luggage and should be allowed as carry-on baggage. And this all must be less than the weight allowed by the airline.

Yes, you can take checked luggage, but this won't only result in being more expensive, but it will also be more time consuming and there is a risk your luggage won't reach your destination in time. Experienced travelers are aware of this danger and understand that hand-luggage is the only way to reach your destination completely reassured that you'll have the clothes the next day.

As you are in a rush to get to your meeting, you might have to wait and queue to pick up your luggage, then it is a hassle to carry it up and down the stairs or anywhere you have to go. If it is only a short trip, a hand luggage will prove to be way more practical. Besides, it will keep you from taking with you what is not necessary.

If you still need to check a bag, you can either use a full-sized hanger bag with room for several suits and shirts or an upright suitcase.

As the dress code is pre-determined, packing should be simpler and quicker as they are only meant for the business activity and the trip is not extended to additional activities int the city.

However, it is recommended to pack an extra outfit for an improvised lunch or dinner with a friend or colleague - it also works for emergencies. You can also pack some more comfortable clothes to get out and explore the outdoors if the trip allows it. These two outfits shouldn't take up much space in your luggage. Just an extra pair of comfortable shoes will suffice as they take up too much space.

As to the bag dimensions, you have to check that your carry-on luggage complies with the airlines requirements. This changes from airline to airline and if you have a connection flight and change the airline if you are going overseas, you might want to check that airline's requirements as well, so they won't push you to check it.

Currently, a bag that is 22 x 13 x 9 will meet all major airline's carry-on maximum limits. However, this is always changing so just double check all airline's current standards before purchasing a new luggage.

The most common carry-on style is a small rolling suitcase with stiff rectangular sides. The only downside to this rectangular case is that men's jackets are broader than the case and much longer, so there is not a right way to fold them to get them to fit.

A good business bag should be dar, somber and simple. Leather is dressier tan canvas, canvas is dressier than nylon and nylon is dressier than synthetic felts, furs or other clearly artificial surfaces. You don't want to run into someone you will be doing business with with a bright purple bag, no matter how practical it is.