How to Enjoy Your Business Trip to the max

how to enjoy your business trip to the max

Cheryl Andrews is the president of the Cheryl Andrews Marketing Communications. She is determined to make the most of every trip she does. Cheryl, who is a frequent traveler, said that she hopes to include one event related to beauty or culture into every trip abroad. Cheryl did not waste time in following through on these resolutions. She’s already planning to fly into London just before a business trip. In this journey, she will tour the Victoria & Albert Museum. She will also attend a classical concert event. Cheryl’s example tells us that a business traveler needs to plan well to enjoy a trip abroad.

Leon Rbibo is another seasoned traveler who shares the same interest with Cheryl. Leon travels to several destinations frequently. Among these are Tahiti, Hong Kong and Japan. He makes the trips to promote his jewel company that is based in Los Angeles. The company is known as The Pearl Source. One of Leon’s cherished resolutions is to extend his arrival and departure by one day. The game -plan is to land in a day earlier and staying on a day more. The extra time would help him get an extra enjoyment of some of the places he visits on business.

There are a few wise tips that anyone can use when travelling. For instance, it is easy to get into the habit of eating junk food. This can happen mostly when you are jet lagged and eat out. At such times, it is always difficult to keep up with your exercise routine. It is always important for business travelers to try and stay fit, exercising on-the-go while traveling, and going to the hotel fitness centers, enjoying outside sports in the cities they visit, enjoying nature and always trying to eat healthy.

It is a well known fact that travelling can be stressful and unsettling. Try to stay calm. Try to do that even if it means you must take deliberate steps to meditate or reduce on caffeine.

Jamie Sigler, who is the founding partner at the San Diego-based J Public Relations, plans to set aside time for daily meditation, keeping calm and carrying on when he’s traveling for work. Sigler's colleague, Ali Lundberg, also plans to carry along her running shoes so as to explore urban trails.

Obviously, as a business professional, you have lots of personal and confidential information stored on your electronic devices. It is important to take steps to protect yourself online since this is where you mostly work.

David Grubb, who is the president of Tribeca CMIT Solutions, encourages clients to take steps to improve their security so that they work safely online. Indeed, he says that a businessman should be as safe online as he is on the regular road going back to his home. Tribeca is an IT solutions and services company.

Grubb recommends that business people should back up all data, update passwords, and keep off public Wi-Fi (this includes free airport networks). He says this is essential because such networks are often insecure. He advises businesspeople to use these authentications for all personal, financial or purchasing transactions.

Grubb says that, to stay healthy and fit, it is crucial to exercise. The workouts should, however, comprise only 20% of the effort. Ultimately, 80% of the work involves nutrition. He advises that, if there must be change, it should involve your plans for dinner and cutting out the snacks. Yes, losing weight and staying healthy is a matter that is always active on most people’s resolutions list.

The chief marketing officer at Deal News, Jared Blank, advises against falling into a rut of eating at the same restaurants in the same cities and putting up in the same hotels whenever you travel. Deal News is an Alabama-based shopping comparison site. To spice things up, Jared says, they should avoid repeating such cycles in the places they go to. This is what makes a business trip to be fun.

Gayle B. MacIntyre, an official of the Global Ink Communications, advises that it is wise, as a frequent traveler, to cut out on such stuff as peanuts, cookies, and pretzels. Remember that, empty calories usually add up for people who travel frequently.

It is also wise not to rush up your connecting flights. Even though there are people who do not like hanging around the airport, it is still wise to have three to four hours separating the flights. This is an excellent way to cut down on stress.